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Principle Investigator:

Zach J. Farris

This is me. I do things like sit in the forest and stare at trees. I would rather be climbing, but if I have to work then you will likely find me camera trapping and studying wildlife related things in Madagascar. 

I am an Assistant Professor at Appalachian State University where I work with masters-level students and undergrads to investigate wildlife and how humans tend to eff things up.


graduate students:

Erin Wampole

Erin is a masters student under the mentorship of Brian Gerber at University of Rhode Island and also myself . If you knew Brian, you would feel sorry for her. Erin is investigating the carnivore community across Mantadia National Park, Madagascar. Specifically, she is looking at how native carnivores respond temporally and spatially to exotic carnivores.

Steven Starr

Steven is an incoming graduate student at App State. He will start Fall 2023 and will be working in Madagascar.

Ntsoa Ramarondrianibe

Ntsoa is a PhD student at the University of Antananarivo under the mentoring of Dr. Andrianarimisa and myself. He is currently investigating free-ranging dogs and cats across the Andasibe-Mantadia protected area. He is estimating home range, activity patterns, and behavior of these invasive carnivores.

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Undergraduate students:

Edgar Villeda

Edgar is working with me to estimate density for lemurs across the Betampona Reserve, Madagascar. We will publish this work in American Journal of Primatology.

Stephanie Dotson

Stephanie is an Anthropology student at App State and is collaborating with fellow undergrad Dylan to explore primate-predator interactions across protected area in Senegal. We will model 2-species occupancy for each predator and priamte.

Dylan Green

Dylan is a student in Anthropology at App State and collaborating with Stephanie to explore predator-primate interactions in Senegal. We are working to learn and use single and two-species occupancy to explore predator-primate interactions.

Leah Carver

Leah is now in year two working with me at App State. She is a Biology major who has worked with camera trap data, individual carnivore identification, and is currently working on dog and cat GPS data to explore home ranges.

Sophie Vazquez

Sophie is a Biology major at App State. She is working with me to create interactive GPS maps from our research sites across Madagascar. She will use data, locations, and site details from non-profit organizations to create informative maps for conservation and management programs.

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