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In the Farris Lab, we investigate a wide-range of questions and issues relating to conservation and management. These include topics like native-exotic interactions, forest loss and fragmentation, as well as human-wildlife health. Using non-invasive techniques (camera trapping and line-transect sampling) we investigate the effects of anthropogenic pressures on carnivores, primates, small mammals and bird populations.

Our research primarily focuses on Madagascar and its threatened wildlife. We work with a wide-range of collaborators and organizations (see Research Projects) to address conservation and managements issues across this biodiversity hotspot.

Recent Research

Native-exotic spatio-temporal interactions

Biological Invasions

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Our recent manuscript in Biological Invasions explores how native and exotic carnivores interact in both time and space. Using these results, we can pinpoint where interactions are most likely to occur and will improve efforts to develop targeted management and conservation plans.

Animated 2015-2080 Small Compressed.gif
The fate of Madagascar's rainforest

Nature Climate Change

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In a collaboration with more than 20 researchers, we explored how suitable habitat for Varecia (endemic lemur) is predicted to change over the next 80 years under various scenarios, including effects of climate change and level of forest protection. We found that Madagascar's rainforest is estimated to disappear within the next 80 years if current trends continue.

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